Rosas Sensei

José Miguel Rosas was born on January 2, 1982 in San Cristóbal, Venezuela. In 1996 his family moved to Pacific Grove, California, and it was during that summer that he began training in Seibukan Jujutsu under the tutelage of Director Julio Toribio. Rosas Sensei continued to train at Monterey Budokan Academy, and in addition to Seibukan Jujutsu began taking classes in Battojutsu, Ninjutsu, and Aikido.

In September of 2003 he received his certification as an instructor at Monterey Budokan, and that same year, became a live-in student as part of the Uchideshi program. By the Fall of 2004 he had graduated from the Uchideshi program with black-belts in Seibukan Jujutsu, Battojutsu, and Ninjutsu. Afterwards, he went on to attend the University of California Santa Cruz. With his experience and passion for teaching, he immediately established Nanatokan Dojo and began offering Seibukan Jujutsu at the university. In 2006 he graduated with a degree in Economics and 2 years later married the love of his life, Stephanie Tam Rosas.

José Miguel Rosas completed his Judan (10th degree black belt) demonstration in Seibukan Jujutsu on June 3rd, 2012, becoming the first person to earn this rank in the art of Seibukan Jujutsu. He currently is the only person to hold the title of Hanshi in Seibukan Jujutsu. As the chief instructor at Nanatokan Dojo, he continues to help his students to be confident martial artists and to achieve their dreams!


Currently José Miguel Rosas holds the following Black-Belt ranks:

Seibukan Jujutsu
– 10th degree black-belt

Enshin Itto-ryu Battojutsu (Japanese Sword Art)
– 7th degree black-belt

Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (Ninjutsu)
-9th degree black-belt

-2nd degree black-belt