Nanatokan Dojo

The people, both teacher and students alike, are personally interested in the growth of one another, and create a safe and welcoming environment. The right balance between challenge and support. ~Nicola Leisses

The dojo is my home away from home in Santa Cruz. The group itself is like a family to me, and we always have an amazing time together. I’ve made some incredible friends through jujutsu, and it’s always nice to come back to those people throughout the weeks and know that they’ll be there for you. ~Zoey Ryan

The experience at the dojo is perfect – it’s become the new standard by which I will judge any martial arts class. I’m continually drawn back not only by the prospect of learning new techniques and honing my skills, but by the people as well – everyone is helpful, positive, and wants you to succeed. There is no ego – just shared encouragement and growth. That kind of community is difficult to discover nowadays. ~Alex Jukl

The dojo is well maintained. I keep coming back because of the excellent instruction I am receiving. I learn from everyone, not just the sensei. The black belts do a very good job teaching. ~Timothy Leung

This is a good group of people to train with, and an elegant and effective martial arts system. I find that everyone in the dojo has a great attitude and is very kind and helpful. I recognize that there are many great things for me to learn there. ~Leonardo Gonzalez

Chief Instructor

Hanshi Rosas is one of the best Martial Artists I have ever seen. I have trained in different arts over the years, but no one is better to train under than José Miguel Rosas. His passion, knowledge and expertise is superior bar none, and the way he teaches and presents himself is what keeps me coming back. He truly cares for all his students not only on a professional level, but on a personal level as well. ~Mike Crisler

Hanshi Rosas is the most dedicated Teacher I have ever known. He expects excellence from his students and always follows through so that they gain the skills to deliver that excellence. ~Elliot Newman

Hanshi Rosas is amazingly patient with all of us, and his never-ending encouragement helps all of us grow. He’s always available to talk if we need someone to confide in, and has built an amazing support system. ~Zoey Ryan

Hanshi Rosas is for me an amazing leader, martial artist, and instructor. He is impeccable on and off the mat. I would follow him into battle if it were the old days. ~David W. Christie D.C.

Hanshi Rosas is an amazing instructor. He cares a lot about each student and he wants to make sure all of them succeed. He learned from the founder of the martial art and he does an impeccable job at passing on the art with great integrity and respect. ~Giovanni Vaz Del Bello

An incredible teacher who motivates his students to develop their character as well as their martial skills. He has great patience, perseverance, as well as a great sense of humor….wonderfully complements his high level of martial accomplishments. ~Jon Mates

Hanshi Rosas is encouraging, accepting, and generous – he is always willing and available to help a student to overcome an obstacle or to aid them in reaching their goals. He is the best teacher you could ask for – patient, understanding, and receptive to questions and thoughts. With Hanshi Rosas, students excel. ~Alex Jukl

I always enjoy the moments before and after class, where we hang out and catch up on each others’ weeks. Working with the black belts is always a challenge, but they also inevitably inspire the want to get further along in the art, and provide the necessary encouragement and training for the kohai to do so. It’s also always great to see belt tests being completed. Whether for a Kyu or Dan level belt, it gives everyone in the dojo a sense of pride and accomplishment to see one of our peers progressing. ~Zoey Ryan